How to choose a folder gluer?


How to choose a folder gluer?

It is common that once you want to invest in industrial enterprises, you will be confused about which machine to choose, the one with fast speed or the one with stable performance?How to choose a folder gluer?

As to folder gluer itself is an equipment that can update the product efficiency, we are trying our best to solve the problem you face. Such as the three series of YDM, YDS, ZX and ST, we tell the advantage of every series ,and what you need to do is make your decision of how much invest risk you can accept.

The ST series continues to be the most popular machine with the outstanding speed of 420m/min ,independent servo mo to keeps the run of wave lock more stable ,and ST makes low noise with multi-function, fits the production kinds of shapes of boxes.

The ZX series ranks No.1 in stability of 3 series with the weight of 7.5T,, and it is durable with the use age may last for about 10 years, of course the maintain of ZX series machines is also a advantage,because the belts are all outside and no screw with draw job.

The YDS series keeps to be the best seller for a period of time for its price performance, and YDS can realize all the function ST and ZX have if you try to add section part in the machine body. It runs slow, about 200 meters/ min, all our engineer can do is help you to reach what you want.

Now do you have a more clear idea about what machine to choose?

Maybe the file can help you a little.How to choose a folder gluer?

How to choose a folder gluer?

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