YDM keeps new search on folder gluer


YDM launched a new series of folder gluer with  Inspection function in machine, and it can solve the printing problem when gluing and folding in the machine .

ST800/1200BTG, in which you just need a special camera.

Here is some details of the new type of YDM inspection folder gluer.

Model:JC-800 folder gluer with inspection

Functions:4 corner boxes with printing inspection,

6 corner boxes with priting inspection.

The YDM inspection folder gluer machine is Equipped with crashing boxes devices,four/six corners boxes,3 corner boxes, and can make one side box , two sides、walls box ,  lock bottom Box and 4/6 corner box ,also other complicated box Type,, the glue Paper Size range from 600 x*75 to 1200*300, unit mm.

The Max.inspection speed can be 200m/min,

And the Min spot defect size 0.1mm2(contrast>15)

Min.Linear Defect size 0.15mm*5mm(contrast>15)

Color difference accuracy Δ E ≥ 3

Overprint detection accuracy ±0.15mm

Die-cutting detection accuracy ±0.3mm

And the whole inspection folder gluer machine is made up of Feeder ,Register, Inspection Unit,Ejecting Unit , folding section, Trombone and conveyor.

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