YDS automatic express box gluing machine

The YDS1200BT Automatic express box folder gluer

Details:Box Type YDS automatic express box gluing machine




Paper Size (W x L)
Straight line
A: 200 – 1180mm


B: 140-800mm

Paper weight
duplex box 200-800 g/m2,N、F、E Flute (Corrugated)

corrugated boxes, 3 ply of E flute(1.5-2 mm thickness),    3 ply of B flute(2.5-3 mm thickness),
Max  speed
Overall dimension
14500 (L) ×1450 (W) ×1500mm(H)
Power consumption
14KW, 380V AC      50Hz
Box Type
Straight line boxes

About US:

Yadu Machinery (YDM) yadu-china.com ,initially established in 2008, has been devoting itself to the technical creation and reliable design of folding and gluing with the spirit of professional manufacture.

We are focused on folding and gluing solutions.
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Today, with the strengthen of our research &development group and the perfect of product systems and after-sales team, skilled and advanced folding and gluing solutions have been used in three main series of products of YDM: ST, ZX and YDS. All the series could satisfy the need both in box shapes and materials of customers, the automatic production of corrugated boxes and cardboard cosmetics, food, medicine boxes is efficient.

As the innovative pioneer of the industry, YDM represents the remarkable innovation ability, skill competitiveness and one-class service, and it is growing up being an international cooperative partner of efficient folding and gluing machines supplier.