Fruitbox medicine box folder gluer


ZX-1450BTG Fruitbox medicine box folder gluerType: Automatic Folder Gluer
Automatic Grade: Full Automatic
Driven Type: Electric
Voltage: 380V,3P,50HZ(other voltage will provide the transformer)

Machine speed:300m/min

Box type:Straight line boxes ,lock bottom boxes ,one side glue boxes and two sides glue boxes,4/6 corner boxes

技术规格folder gluer Specifications ZX-1450BTG
加工材料Paper material
纸盒纸板Cardboard 1200gsm
瓦楞板类型 Corrugated E,C,B,AB
三层或五层瓦楞3ply&5ply 6-7mm
主机最快速度Max speed 200m/min
点动速度Inch speed 10 m/min
折叠厚度Paper fold thickness 20mm
出纸宽度Paper width 1450mm
机器长度Machine length 17.5M
机器宽度Machine width 2.2M
机器高度Machine height 1.8M
机器重量Machine weight 13T
主功率main power
总功率total power 31KW
压缩空气air compressor 6 bar
空气压缩机能量capacity of air compressor 30 m3/h
储气罐容量capacity of air tank 155L
①4/6 corner boxes ②wave lock bottom device ③90 degree turning ④data store memory ⑤inspection ⑥braille ⑦anti-scratching feeder ⑧pre-feeder ⑨box stacker

ZX-1450BTG Fruitbox medicine box folder gluer

ZX-1450BTG Fruitbox medicine box folder gluer

Main feature

Folder Gluers adopt new modular design, suitable for various types of boxes. According to actual production demand, Straight line box can be upgraded to 4 corner and 6 corner, add Turn Section, second pre-folding section, quality detector section. It is convenient to upgrade.

The drive of the whole machine adopts turbo-worn transmission, less noise and consumption, save 15% maintenance cost.

Feeder section, main machine section, trombone section, delivery section, each section owns independent motor, which guarantee the smooth feeding and delivery.

Main electrical components and brand
Name Made in Brand
Feeding belts JAPAN NITTA
Folding belts Italy Chiorino
Synchronous belts America EP
Inverter France Schneider
Sensor in output Taiwan China FOTEK
touch screen Germany SIEMENS
Main motor Taiwan China TECO
Motor in conveyor Taiwan China WANSHSIN
Wireless remote control Taiwan China YUDING
Power supply switch Taiwan China MW
Electrical components France Schneider
Motor for adjust screw motor Taiwan China WANSHSIN
Folder gluer after-sales service
Daily Service Remote Assistance, Spare Parts Service, Technical Support
Training Service Operating Training, folder gluer Technology Training
Maintenance Equipment Debugging, Maintenance, Technology Optimization

ZX-1450BTG Fruitbox medicine box folder gluer